Posted on November 16, 2015 in News

Community engaged in Lyneham

by colin

A second public exhibition took place on Tuesday 10th November to show the emerging proposals for land at Pound Farm in Lyneham, Wiltshire. The exhibition was well attended with lots of interesting discussion on the site and its potential to provide new housing and open space for the village.

The proposed scheme includes up to 111 new homes with the aim to provide a range of unit types and sizes for all aspects of the community. This includes a large number of smaller houses, a limited number of apartments, bungalows suitable for elderly people and medium sized family housing. 40% of the new homes will be affordable and will offer much needed accommodation for local people.

The proposals also include a new large area of natural play and picnic area for the village which will aims assist in integrating new and future residents and provide new opportunities for recreation for the village as a whole. The scheme also incorporates and improves a number of existing rights of way which will link into the village and provide better access to the countryside.

Subject to the feedback from the event, an outline planning application will be prepared and submitted later this year.

Lyneham aerial perspective

Aerial perspective of proposed development at Pound Farm, Lyneham