Posted on May 21, 2015 in News

Appeal allowed for housing and care home Horsham District

by colin

Continued success for Gleeson Developments Ltd as a Planning Inspector allowed an appeal and awarded costs against Horsham District Councils decision to refuse planning permission for the development of up to 165 residential dwellings and a 60-bed care home in Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex.

The original outline application was prepared by Richards Urban Design Ltd and we worked with the team in revising the layout further to address specific concerns relating to the setting of Listed Buildings and landscape.

The single main issue in the appeal was whether the proposal amounts to sustainable development, bearing in mind, first, that relevant policies for the supply of housing cannot be considered to be up-to-date and, second, the need to take into account other relevant considerations, most particularly the scheme’s effects on:

(a) landscape character and visual impact; and
(b) the setting, and therefore the significance, of Swan Ken, a grade II listed building.

Expert witness advise was given by fabrik landscape architects and CGMS alongside Barton Wilmore planning at the Planning Inquiry resulting in the Inspector finding in favour of Gleesons and allowing the appeal and awarding costs.

View of proposed development at Broadbridge Heath

View of proposed development at Broadbridge Heath